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3 Brands That Are Great on Twitter

1) PlayStation

PlayStation is one of the biggest gaming consoles to have been released and between their wide success in games and there great online presence they have become a mega world wide brand.

PlayStation have 12.3 million followers on Twitter and over 21,000 tweets. Many of these tweets vary in interacting with the consumers and promoting new game releases on the reg. As well as that they have an easily identifiable profile picture which is key.


Also, in the about section, they have their main website linked and a link to a separate account for consumer support. To add to that they use their ‘call to action’ button as a quick and easy way to tweet at them. This is a great way to use the about section because it provides the consumer with extra information that could beneficial to both parties.



Lastly the content PlayStation tweets vary, such as videos, pictures and just regular tweets updating the consumer. In fact they have over 5,000 pictures and videos demonstrating that they’re maximizing all the ways twitter can be used.



2) Sky Sports News HQ

Sky Sports News in an English news channel that reports on all things sports around the whole world. With over 5 million followers they do a fantastic job at keeping their audience updated on a daily bases.


Their main focus being an English News channel would obviously be mainly English sports like Football and Cricket. But as of recent they have expanded their audience by reporting on American Sports like American Football and Baseball, and also Irish Sport being GAA. This has almost certainly helped expand their online audience.



Like every other good brand on twitter they post many pictures and video highlights of certain events during a match or game. This is a great way of using the account as its very unique in fact they can tweet live videos which can create a lot of interaction online.



3) Starbucks

Lastly Starbucks. They are certainly one of the most active brands on twitter with over 80,000 tweets and over 11 million followers.


One of the things Starbucks do that a lot of brands can learn from is constantly interacting with their consumers which can greatly increase the relationship they have with each other. One of the ways they do this is re-tweeting tweets the consumers tweet about them. This doesn’t just make the consumer feel special, but their reputation as a good, friendly brand also increases.



Something I also found appealing about their page was their cover photo.


As it is currently Autumn, they have a cover photo to match by having leafs on the ground with a variety of colors, to go with some of the coffees they make. This is something that again other brands could pick up on. By seeing this picture alone, I know that they are very active on twitter, constantly chopping and changing to keep the consumer intrigued.


These are 3 examples of brands that i think are great on twitter.

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5 Tips to Improve Your Facebook Page

 1. Profile Picture

Having a good profile picture is vital for Facebook. It must be easily identifiable for all users and consumers of your brand.

This is a Profile Pic for Uncle Bens Ireland. Now from this picture can you tell what Brand/Page this is? No. The profile picture must be easily recognizable and identifiable. If not, people won’t know by looking at the profile picture what your brand is or who you are.


From looking at this picture it is easily identifiable that this is the profile picture for Coke Cola. Its clear, simple and is a perfect example of a good profile picture.


2) About Section

When you have a Facebook, having a good, detailed ‘about section’ is vital for a brand to be successful on social media.

The about section should contain contact details, and links to other websites your brand is on. If you don’t have this, your not giving your consumer/ other users key info on your brand that could be beneficial to both parties.

As you see here, Uncle Ben’s ‘About’ section has links to its main website and other info that can be used for further research or ways to be contacted buy its consumers.


3) Content

Posting consistent and regular content is a must to be successful on social media. Posting about your brand to keep the audience updated about your brand and brand promotions.

Also posting stuff away from your brand is good as it doesn’t show you post the same content over and over. Using recent news articles and stories is a good way to keep your audience interested.


4) Call To Action Button


A call to action button can be used in various ways on Facebook. It can be used for users to visit your website or for getting in contact with the brand itself.

As you can see here the button is highlighted in blue and is very visible to the user/ consumers who visit the page.

For Nike’s Facebook page they have the ‘call to action’ button used for another way for promoting there online shop by giving users the option to visit there shop on Facebook


5) Competitions

Running regular competitions on your Facebook is a good way to interact with other users and is good publicity for your page. Many competitions on Facebook involve users to ‘share’ your page in order for a chance to win.

This is a great move for exposure for your brand if it’s not a big one and is a clever marketing technique to use on Facebook.


This is a great example of how competitions can get you great exposure. Right here is a competition to get 2 tickets for the next UFC 205.

This came up on my news feed due to other people liking and sharing the post, not because I have liked the page previously. Thus proving how running competitions is great for a brand on Facebook.